VICTOR, Mont. -

A Victor High School senior is a published poet. His book of poetry went on sale in local bookstores, businesses and on Amazon Tuesday.

It grew from years of poems, jotted down on the spot, and eventually crafted into permanent form.

"Meticulous Mind" is an inspirational book for everybody, but especially for teenagers.

The dark figure on the cover of the book stands on a path leading to the light. Poet Matthew Kittel's dark figure is faceless.

"He doesn't have a face because your face is there," explains Kittel, "no matter who picks up the book, you are going to see yourself."

The poet wants his work to speak directly to the reader. His writings offer encouragement.

"I wanted to give them a poetry book that helps kids that are troubled," said the 18-year-old.

His poems explore a spectrum of emotion and goals, love, sadness, despair, motivation and friendship.

Matthew is motivated. He was the Victor Pirates varsity quarterback, a varsity basketball player and an all star baseball player. He's also in theater and is a straight-A student.