VICTOR, Mont. -

Victor area residents and firefighters are working to clean up lowland flooding from Thursday's snow melt.

People are prepping in case it happens again, and the fire department is issuing serious warnings to keep people safe.

Water that had been running turned to thin ice Friday.

"We've had some reports that there are some sink holes around, said Victor Rural Fire Chief Dennis Pings, "We're advising kids not to be playing in the water, because we don't know how big these sinkholes are."

The floors of the fire department in town got wet. Fans ran Friday to get the building dry. There are sandbags at the fire department.

Victor is on a 4-day school week.

So second grader Darvin Thomason helped his dad Ben fill bags to take home. The Thomason men don't want a repeat of what their yard looked like Thursday.

"It was a big ocean," said Darvin.

"I had about a foot of water," said Ben Thomason.

So sandbags are strung along the fence line of the Thomason family home. They're ready if there's an another onslaught of water.