Zinke sees solutions to VA health care in local control

Zinke sees solutions to VA health...

MISSOULA, Mont - Rep. Ryan Zinke was in a Hamilton fire camp for a briefing on the Roaring Lion wildfire Tuesday.

Thursday he was on campus at the University of Montana.  Zinke brought Rep. Jeff Miller, from Florida, with him. Miller is the Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, and Zinke wanted him to hear about groundbreaking research into traumatic brain injury.

In a hallway interview, we asked Zinke about continuing problems with VA health care. 

Zinke told us veterans organizations are fearful that proposed changes to the troubled Veterans Choice program will siphon funds away from programs that already work.

Zinke believes the answer to the Veterans Administration problems will come when resources are properly applied and those in charge are held accountable.

"The answer, from a military commander's perspective, is if you want to fix the battlefield, then push the resources to the front line," said Zinke.

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