"We expected a report on the state of the reconciliation and balance sheets from the treasurer's office," said Chilcott, "and we heard none of that."

"It is clear that numerous records of receipts and deposits have been removed from the treasurer's office," said Stamey.

"I asked Klarryce Murphy (chief financial officer) where these files are," said Stamey, and she told me "they were removed for an audit."

But Murphy, who last week released more than $1 million in tax money to pay strapped entities caught in the treasurer's debacle, said "that is clearly untrue."

"I have never told her that," said the county's CFO. "I have none of her files."

Stamey also accused Bonnie Dugan of intimidating an employee trying to catalog the extent of the files Stamey claims are missing.

Reading Stamey's transcript, Dugan said, "I don't feel I've ever been intimidating."

She read further that Stamey was suspending her with pay, citing that Dugan's "continued presence in the office will contaminate necessary investigations."

Stamey said further that all correspondence with her office be in nonelectronic writing directed solely to Valerie Stamey, Ravalli County Treasuer.

She said all other intra-county communications will not be recognized nor acted upon. Taxpayer requests or calls from non-Ravalli County entities that I wish to take will be recognized, said the treasurer.

Stamey said all other signatories on Treasury Office accounts at First Interstate Bank besides her own will be removed, or she she will change banks.

Stamey said the Treasurer's office will be closed between 12 and 1 p.m. every working day.

She also told county commissioners they will allocate necessary funds for the protection of public records in her office, including a security guard, or she will seek a court order.

Ravalli County Correspondence Documents: