Twin Bridges continues to clean up after thunderstorm


Twin Bridges continues to clean up after thunderstorm (8-5-13)

TWIN BRIDGES, Mont. - Power has been restored, and the town is starting to return to normal, but it has a long way to go.

"We had a pretty eventful evening," said Warren Harden, of the thunderstorm in Twin Bridges.

Thursday, at around 4 p.m., a thunderstorm brought 90 mph winds through the town of Twin Bridges.

Resident Clyde Carroll said, "the first thing I saw was a big pine tree fall and miss my fence by about two feet."

Carroll's house didn't suffer much damage; he said he feels lucky.

"We've cut down our trees in the past," he explained, "and trimmed the ones down low so we didn't have any damage."

But other folks with trees in their yards weren't so lucky.

Much of the damage has now been cleaned up, but you can still see remnants of the massive storm. For example, one resident's tree ripped out of the ground, fell into the street, and blocked traffic for days.

Carroll said, "people with many trees, the tops broke off or the trees toppled entirely over. If you had more trees, you had more opportunity for damage."

The residents explained that damage was just one part of the storm, and wanted to talk more about how the community stepped up in the days to follow.

Resident Warren Harden said of the clean up effort, "just a great effort, a lot of folks came out it was a sunny day, overall a good experience."

Warren Harden works for a local contracting company.

He told NBC Montana the silver lining for him is the increase in work the storm will bring him and other construction workers in the area.

Carroll is also looking for the good in the situation.

He explained, "the silver lining is the trees that were weak, most of them now have come down so maybe next time it won't be so bad."

Both men attribute the town's ability to quickly bounce back to its community members.

"The community does come together and it's always been that way," said Carroll.

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