'Tunnel Of Oppression' Teaches MSU Students About Being Treated Differently


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A chance Tuesday for people at Montana State University to understand what it's liked to be treated differently in what has become an annual education opportunity called the "Tunnel of Oppression".

"We transformed the ballrooms into basically a tunnel that has exhibits on the sides that different student groups here at MSU transformed into topics of different oppression," said event organizer Mikaleen Lowe.

The goal is to create discussion about how people treat others who are different because of their race, religion, or sexual orientations.

"It's basically just letting people be aware of the different oppression that's going on. I mean we may not see it but it's just letting everyone know that: hey this stuff is really happening around us. You know, it's not always surface value but it's there, it's just a learning experience," Lowe said.

Lowe said it was an eye-opening experience not only for the people that have passed through the tunnel but for herself and the other volunteers as well.

"There's a lot of situations in there that people didn't know about. So it's just learning that: oh, this is going on, this is how many people on our campus that might have this going on, this is how many people in the world or this is persecution that I never heard about before," she said.

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