A Missoula nursery is gearing up for Christmas.

Pink Grizzly got in a shipment of Christmas trees Monday. That shipment is just part of what will eventually be more than 3,000 trees -- many of them from local growers from Arlee to Hot Springs.

Inside the greenhouses, staffers are hard at work putting together wreaths in the Montana Wreaths shop. Well over 1,100 wreaths have already been sold through local fundraising efforts. Others are still being put together by hand to be shipped all over the country, and some will even go to soldiers overseas.

"We use raw materials that we collect and that we buy from local tree cutters," said Shane Clouse, owner of the Pink Grizzly. "Then we take those raw materials, mainly alpine fir and grand fir, and we turn them into a useable product."

While plenty of wreaths are already headed out the door, Clouse said most Christmas tree sales will start the day after Thanksgiving.