Todd Johnson

I went to school at the U of M in the mid 70s and lived in a log cabin out on the Blackfoot River.

I moved from Missoula to Kalispell in 1988. In 1978 I started fishing salmon commercially on the Bering Sea.

I still own and operate my boat Jenmarann fishing out of Port Moller AK. My career as a fisherman demands knowing and dealing with weather issues.

Weather on the Bering Sea can be violent and I listen to National Marine weather broadcasts and use my local knowledge and weather experience to stay safe.

In remote western Alaska the airplane moves people and a lot of the freight. Everything is contingent upon weather. Each fall I sell seafood as Wild Salmon Man.

I live adjacent to the MSU NW Agricultural Research Station in Creston. I have been helping to work the harvest for them for the past couple years.

Farmers, like fisherman, are also tuned into weather.

The Bureau of Reclamation operates an Agrimet Weather Station that I help maintain and monitor across the field from my house.

I jumped at the chance to help Montana's finest meteorologist Mark Heyka and the NBC Montana weather team as a weather watcher.

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