TROY, Mont. -

The town of Troy is home to about one-thousand people. And on December 12th,  14 lives were changed.

"We went to bed around say 11:30... and next thing I know Jackson's banging on the door. He's like 'Mommy the house is on fire,' said Ashley Tallmadge.

Ashley is one of the 14 affected by the fire at Pine Tree Plaza. The fire started from her apartment where she lived with her boyfriend and their son. She told NBC Montana that fire fighters believe it was an electrical fire.

Ashley said that none of the units in the apartment complex had smoke alarms, which she believes could have helped salvage some of the building and some of their personal possessions, but she's just grateful that her three-year old son Jackson woke up.

"My son's definitely a hero, because I can't say for sure whether people would have woken up or not," said Tallmadge.

The fire burned the building beyond repairs. Since then, the community of Troy has been reaching out.

Pastor Cam Foote explained  that it all started after one of Ashley’s friends contacted him.

"By 7:30 that night.. she had already had nine pick-up loads of stuff delivered, so this just kind of spontaneously grew. And it just became this huge event of friends helping friends and people helping people," said Pastor Cam Foote.

Donations poured in from Troy and its surrounding communities, and provided Ashley and her family with a wonderful Christmas.

"The response from the community from this fire is just awesome. There's no words to express how grateful everybody is. I mean, I look around and there's more stuff here than you can even imagine," said Tallmadge.

The Troy Baptist Community Church is still taking donations for the families and people impacted by the fire.