BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It is a small window of time to raise a large amount of money. The Salvation Army will start its annual tradition of bell ringing in less than a month.

The sound of the bells can be heard outside of businesses across the nation, but in order to make this season a success the Salvation Army needs help.

Lieutenant Niki Woollin with the Salvation Army says this year they are setting up ten locations throughout Bozeman and Belgrade.

"Bell ringing is our main fundraiser. Besides the one Saturday that the boy scouts are taking, all of our other slots are open essentially," said Woollin.

Every bell ringer who donates their time will be helping those who are in need this holiday season.

"Some people who want to bell ring continuously, so every Monday or every Friday. We have some that just want to do a couple of hours and that is fantastic, we will take them," said Woollin.                  

Last year bell ringing raised around $30,000 in the Gallatin Valley area. That helped contribute to making it a special Christmas for 350 local families.

"We try to get them a whole outfit, if it is not possible we try to get them an article of clothing such as a nice winter coat and then two toys or gifts ," said Woollin.

Woollin also says that bell ringing starts the day after Thanksgiving, and ends on Christmas Eve, but the money raised will be used year round.

"It helps maintain our operating budget for the entire year," said Woollin.

But more than that she hopes that bell ringing will help people embrace the holiday spirit.

"I would also hope that our bells are a reminder that there is a little good left in the world," said Woollin.

If you want to volunteer your time, Woollin says people can donate anywhere from a few hours to days and weeks of their time.