BUTTE, Mont. -

While many folks are at home spending time with friends and family, others are spending their holiday working.

This year many national retailers are opening earlier than ever. Kmart opened its doors at 6 a.m.

Hitting up the big box stores to shop is turning in to a Thanksgiving tradition for many.

Shopper Cindy Harrington told us she loves the early deals, but knows that they come at price for some.

"I kinda feel sorry for the workers because they can't be with their families," said Harrington.

For more than ten years, employees have been bringing in side dishes for a Thanksgiving potluck dinner at this Kmart. The manager's wife even cooks a turkey.

"I can understand bringing in some side dishes but bringing in a whole turkey. It's great," said Sierrah Woley.  It's her first Thanksgiving working at Kmart.

Worley said the meal makes working Thanksgiving easier.

"You get to come in on your break and there's all this food in here," she said. "So it makes up for it."

Thanksgiving shopper Jana Lorenz told us she will be punching a time clock on Thanksgiving, but she said she is okay with that- on one condition.

"As long as I can cook for me and my boys," she said.