After a day of stolen cars, high speed chases and a full-blown manhunt- a man with overalls and shaggy blonde hair walked out of the woods near Pony with his arms in the air, not saying a word.

Police immediately drew their guns and took him down. That was the man they believe stole three vehicles and led police on a high-speed chase stretching across two counties.

We spent the day retracing the suspect's steps.

Deputies said a vehicle was reported stolen from a business at Hurlburt and Jackrabbit south of Belgrade on Thursday morning.

After chasing the vehicles into the hills north of Belgrade, the man allegedly got the vehicle stuck in a ravine below a home.

Deputies said he broke into the home and stole a second vehicle, then busted through the garage door and took off.

Police chased him down the street, but he stayed off the road- instead driving through fences and yards.

We talked with Rick Whatman, who was just about to pull out of his driveway when the suspect sped by.

"I happened to look and I saw all these lights coming and it was... Wow!" he said.

Then he saw police throw down stop sticks. "And watched the driver drive around the spike strips into the yard- somebody else's yard- and go right on by them, and like he knew what he was doing," Whatman said.

We're told the suspect continued to drive recklessly, making it into Belgrade. He apparently crossed over I-90 and the train tracks, eventually ditching the vehicle and hiding at a construction business.

After searching for the suspect, police realized he'd stolen yet another vehicle and already sped off.

"9-1-1 center got a call from the Norris gas station, that the vehicle that was being pursued in the Belgrade area was at the gas station getting fuel," said Madison County Public Information Officer Steve DiGiovanna.

After the call, police caught up and were hot on his tail once again.

The man drove past the town of Pony, up into the woods. When the road ended at the North Willow Creek trail head, the man didn't stop.

"The deputy reported that the vehicle left the roadway," DiGiovanna said. Deputies said the man drove a mile into the woods, then ditched the truck and took off on foot.

Madison County Deputies and Montana Highway Patrol Troopers spent the rest of the day combing the woods on foot, ATV and horseback.

Hours after the man disappeared into the trees, he walked back out with his arms in the air.

I was the first person to see him- and called out to deputies.

"We had just talked to each other and said, 'This would be a lot easier if he'd just walk out with his hands up,'" DiGiovanna said, recounting his conversation moments before the suspect surrendered. "Three minutes later, he walked out- you said, 'Excuse me,' and there he was."

Deputies said they didn't expect the day to end peacefully, and are glad no bystanders were hurt.

The suspect was taken to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital for medical treatment, from an injury on his leg. From there, it's jail, where he faces numerous felony charges.

Madison County Sheriff David Schenk said they know the man's name, but aren't releasing it yet.