Missoula police are expected to charge a man who's still hospitalized after allegedly ramming his SUV into a Missoula insurance company.

The 50-year-old man is reportedly in stable condition.

An investigation is unveiling he may have been frustrated with the insurance industry.

Crews spent Wednesday tacking up plywood to fill a gaping hole at Farmers Insurance on South Reserve.

Police said the driver was upset enough to ram the building three times, backing up a good 85 feet, then ramming it again. They said it appears he did it deliberately.

The driver had to work hard to break through the building's exterior. He sprayed drywall, siding and foam rubber insulation all over. He broke through the men's and women's bathrooms. Water pipes burst.

The office was closed when the SUV rammed through. There was nobody inside.

Owner Danny Blowers had already left for the day.

"My understanding," said Blowers, "is that it had nothing to do with our agency, but maybe something to do with the industry, but nothing to do with us in particular."

Blowers said it's lucky the weather is nice.

"Our bathrooms and office, and break room, and that whole side of our building will be under construction for several months," said Blowers.

Customer representative Kelsy Ployhar had already left  for the day when the vehicle slammed past her desk.

"It hits home," said Ployhar, "It's a rude awakening."

Damage estimates are $85,000 to $100,000.