The start of summer means its rodeo season and Saturday afternoon in Missoula local high school students took their turn riding and roping.

Corvallis high school student Brandon Yerian says competing in rodeos may be routine but they're still thrilling.

“If you're just starting you get nervous but if you've been doing it a little while it's just another day at the office,” said Yerian.  “Steer wrestling is a big rush you have to jump off a horse going 30 miles an hour and I’ll say that's probably the biggest adrenaline rush, everything else is pretty simple.”

Yerian tells NBC Montana he's been riding horses and roping since he was a kid and he tells us rodeo's are all about putting those skills to the test.

“The three that I do are steer wrestling, calf roping and team roping,” said Yerian.  “I’ve been doing it for a while so it's pretty easy - it comes to me pretty good.”

He says it takes a lot of practice.   

“I have an arena at my house but we don't have any cattle so we just kind of find places to rope,” he said.  “If we don't have anywhere to rope we just pull rope for a week or two.”

Yerian says it can be a painful sport but he's happy to help carry on the Montana rodeo tradition.

“It's a fun sport so come out and support it,” said Yerian.  “It's fun to watch there are lots of funny wrecks that happen and you can meet some of the kids.”

The rodeo isn’t over yet; high school students compete again in Drummond tomorrow and Monday.

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