Student Advisory Board Gathers To Team Build, Strengthen Voices


BOZEMAN. Mont. - State School Superintendent Denise Juneau's Student Advisory Board met in Bozeman to discuss giving kids more of a voice in high school decision-making policies.

Around 35 students gathered for their second meeting of the year with Superintendent Juneau, as part of the Graduation Matters Montana initiative.

Juneau said they spent the meeting and speaking on issues the students face when it comes to their opinions being heard in school, and coming up with ways schools can better include student voice in decisions.

The group also got to do fun, team-building activities like building the balloon towers and writing inspirational words on the balloons.

Students who participated said they'll bring back lots of ideas to their schools.

"Just today, talking about student voice- I think it'd be cool to have a comment box. So I think I might start working on that at my school" Belgrade High School student Nate Field said. "These things bring up a lot of ideas that you could institute in your own school."

Field also said that what he's discovered is the importance of community attitude toward high school students. He said he'd like to see the community be more positive and engaging with students in the future.

"It really inspires me. I really would like more people to become involved in my school and that's what I'm kind of taking away from this" Anaconda High School student Danika Fabich said, adding "just trying to get students involved."

Fabich said at her school she sees a lack of student participation, and has close friends who have dropped out. She said she'd like to turn that around, and feels the Student Advisory Board is a good step in that direction.

Superintendent Juneau said this is the first meeting the Student Advisory Board has held outside of Helena, and the kids went on a tour of MSU as part of the meeting.

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