Two businessmen are vying for Stevensville's mayoral seat.

Insurance company owner Clayton Floyd is challenging incumbent Gene Mim Mack.

Floyd has been a city council member in Stevensville and Missoula.

Floyd said he would try to restore harmony and equity among the town's employees and would reimplement the longevity pay system in the city.

He said a division in the community needs mending.

His top priority would be to finish Stevensville's water improvement project, which he said has dragged on far too long, with costs rising every year.

He said he wants to provide rate relief for its water customers.

"There are a couple ways we can do that," said Clayton Floyd. "But the easiest one would be to up the gallonage that's provided for the base rate that's charged the ratepayer in Stevensville. I think there are some things we could do if we looked at the system plan for moving forward that could help reduce the cost."

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