The mayoral race in Stevensville ended with an unofficial 22 vote spread between incumbent and challenger.

After 526 votes were counted, incumbent Mayor Gene Mim Mack beat challenger Clayton Floyd.

Both men attracted strong support in their own camps.

For an off year, elections said the 55% turnout, is at least, in recent memory, a record.

"I think it's a great honor to serve as the mayor of Stevensville," said Mim Mack, a Stevensville hotel owner, "I'm pleased that so many people turned out. Our record turnout really speaks to the engagement of the citizens of Stevensville."

Clayton Floyd owns an insurance business.

"There were a lot of folks that felt very strongly about Gene Mim Mack's candidacy," said Floyd,"and there were a lot of folks who felt pretty strong about mine. Twenty-two of them felt more strongly about Gene Mim Mack than felt about mine," laughed Floyd.

City water rates were a major contention in the race.

Stevensville is undergoing a water construction project.

Mayor Mim Mack said it should be completed in spring.

He said to keep the system healthy, residents can expect incremental rate increases based on inflation.