Steele, Driscoll face off in Hamilton mayoral race


POSTED: 10:46 AM Dec 24 2013   UPDATED: 9:08 PM Oct 23 2013
Steele, Driscoll, face off in Hamilton mayoral race

Two Hamilton natives, both graduates of Hamilton High School, are facing off for the mayor's seat in Hamilton.

Kathleen Driscoll is a former county commissioner. The businesswoman is challenging incumbent Jerry Steele for the city's top seat.

Driscoll said the city will continue to face pressures of growth from outside city limits.

Her goals -- to make sure the city's infrastructure is adequate in the long-term. She also wants to keep communication open with the county to plan for development.

Driscoll would advocate for state and federal funding for the city's streets, roads and traffic issues.

Incumbent Jerry Steele began serving on the city council in 1986. He filled the term of a mayor who left in 2007 and won re-election in 2009.

His goals -- to survey, engineer and complete a state-mandated ultraviolet filtration system in the city sewer plant. Also, to upgrade Hamilton's park system one park at a time, and to develop a better working relationship with the county to make sure growth near the city is complimentary to the city's growth policy.

To hear more of what the candidates have to say, click onto the video.