BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The State High School Volleyball Tournament began Thursday in Bozeman.  The annual tournament brings all four high school classes (AA, A, B and C) together under one roof at Montana State University's Brick Breeden Field house.

The tournament is expected to bring between 3,000 to 4,000 people to Bozeman.

Volunteer organizer Dan Rust tells NBC Montana they began planning for the tournament a month in advance.  It takes as many as 100 volunteers a day to help run.

Dan Rust is the local tournament manager with the Chamber of Commerce.  He says the event gives a boost to Bozeman's economy.

"It is a great event for the Bozeman area from an economic stand point. And that is why we are involved from the Chamber of Commerce point of view.  And we love the locals, especially for them to come out and support it," says Rust.

This is the tournament's ninth year as an "all-class" event.  It runs through Saturday.

You can find tournament results on the KTVM 6 sports page. KTVM Sport's Kane O'Neill's will also post updates on his Facebook page.  Tournament brackets and information are available on the Montana High School Association's website.