The city is lowering speed limits on Mullan Road between West Broadway and Reserve and also on Rattlesnake Drive between Cornerstone and Aspen.  Both sections are now 35 miles an hour.

These reductions are temporary as the city looks into complaints involving the infrastructure, pedestrians, bicycles and wildlife.  

Residents we talked to would like the traffic to slow down.  One woman in the area said, "I think it's a good thing.  Anytime with a city street, 35 is good, 45 is just too high."

City engineers hope to complete a study by September and present it to the state.  City council members will have the final say on permanent speed limits.

The following is a press release from the City of Missoula:

Speed Limits Reduced on Mullan Road and Rattlesnake Drive

The City of Missoula posted reduced speed limits on Wednesday for Mullan Road between West Broadway and Reserve Street and for Rattlesnake Drive between Cornerstone and Aspen Drive. The speed limits on both sections of road are now 35 miles per hour.

The reductions are temporary pending speed studies, which City crews will undertake under the direction of City Engineer Kevin Slovarp. The Missoula City Council declared the temporary reductions by resolution June 10, pending approval by the Montana Transportation Commission, whose members agreed to the change last week. The commission must approve changes for streets that are part of the Montana Department of Transportation urban roadway system.

Slovarp will forward the results of the speed studies to the Department of Transportation and the Highway Commission for review, and the City Council will create a resolution setting final speed limits. The City Engineer's office aims to complete the studies in time for the September Highway Commission meeting.

City Council members discussed the changes following public requests. Council members were concerned about inadequate active transportation facilities and wildlife hazards on Rattlesnake Drive and heavy pedestrian and bicycle use on a roadway in the urban core on Mullan Road.