A stretch of Highway 2, between Rose Crossing and Highway 40, may soon see a speed limit increase to 65 MPH. A speed study, completed by the Montana Department of Transportation, confirms that 85 percent of drivers are going over the 55/60 MPH speed limits that are posted on the highway.

The DOT recommends raising the limit to 65 MPH, which doesn't sit too well with some business owners.

"I drive to work here everyday and on my way to work people pass me like I'm sitting still," said one owner, who wished to remain anonymous. She felt it's only a matter of time before drivers push 65 to 75-80 MPH. "I think the speed limit is fine the way it is. In the six years we've had a business here we've seen some awful accidents."

Others feel the Transportation Commission should scale it back.

"Judging from the amount of police activity out here I'm kind of thinking maybe it should be raised up maybe 5 miles per hour rather than maybe the proposed 10," said Doug Wagner of Glacier Sun Winery.

County Commissioners agreed with the speed study, bringing it one step closer to approval.

"We looked at how many roads were entering onto or leading off of the highway and didn't feel that that would be a problem at this time," explained Commissioner Cal Scott.

The states' Transportation Commission will vote on the recommendation at their meeting on May 30.