BUTTE, Mont. -

The recent snow storm has kept emergency workers and power crews busy all day.

The Montana Highway Patrol said since midnight Thursday morning, they responded to around 50 snow related incidents.

Northwestern Energy said they working to restore power in parts of Anaconda, Twin Bridges and McAllister.

NBC Montana spoke to travelers and residents today to see if they're ready for the wintry conditions.

Drivers faced tough conditions in the Georgetown Lake area Thursday morning.

With the plows out early, residents didn't seem to mind.

"It's okay," said resident Andy Panasuk. "They've got the road plowed and everything, so you can get in and out, so it's not a problem."     

Panasuk was working in his yard, fixing the windows in his home.

He calls himself a snowbird. He heads south to Arizona in November, usually missing most of the snow.

But not this year.

"We had about 10 inches of snow," he said, "then it disappeared and now it's back again."

He said the snow isn't ideal, but he doesn't mind it.

"We got a nice early snow which is unusual, but it's okay."

Down the road at a local cafe, Ed Morris was his way to grab a bite to eat.

We asked him how he was feeling about the snow.

"I love it!" he said.

Morris said he doesn't mind the snow either. It comes with the territory.

"You learn to live with it," he explained.

The mountain passes were the areas most affected by this snowstorm. We went to Homestake Pass to see how drivers are dealing with this weather.

"This is my first snow," said truck driver Alfred Negron, who was on his way from Seattle to Virginia.

He explained that he followed the forecast and knew what he could expect over the passes.

"They said it was going to be a lot but it's light right now," he said, "it's not too bad."

He said as long as the roads stay clear, he'll be able to enjoy it.

"Hey, Montana's beautiful!" Negron said.