BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Some bargain shoppers got started before the turkey made it to the table. Major retail chains like Walmart, Target and Kmart opened their doors on Thanksgiving day. We were at the Gallatin Valley Mall on Thursday night when Macy's opened their doors at 8p.m. More than 20 doorbusters rushed through the doors. However all of the shoppers we spoke to had a game plan before those doors opened.

"I really need new boots, the weather is a lot different from where I am from and it seems like a really essential thing, and the deals here are always really good," said Jules Carlson.

"Some kitchen stuff, some jewelry, Macy's always has good jewelry sales," said Robbyn Anderson.

"The One Direction perfume," said Morgan Woody.

We also stopped by Target early Friday morning. They also opened their doors at 8p.m. on Thanksgiving day. One of the executive team leaders Eddie Schaff tells us it was a mad rush when the doors opened.

"We had probably a little bit over 1,000 people outside when we started letting people in. It took about 45 minutes using Targets line cuing to let everybody in the building," said Schaff.

Schaff explained there are plenty of good deals left, but some of the items, like certain T.V.'s, lasted no more than 30 minutes.

"There was one special doorbuster item that we only had a limited quantity of, that we handed tickets out for and those were all gone in the first 15 minutes," said Schaff.

While many of the major retail chains already had their doors open, we found a line of people waiting outside in the cold for the GameStop to open at midnight. Katlyn Grubb was one of the first people in line.

"I am here to get the PlayStation 4," said Grubb.

Grubb sat outside in the cold for four hours, hoping to make it a great Christmas for a special someone.

"He has been online every single day trying to look for these things and they are sold out everywhere he figured he would have to wait until March to get one so I figured I would surprise him by getting him one," said Grubb.

The people in line were waiting for either the PlayStation 4 or  the XBOX One, both recently released game consoles. While the line was outside, people waiting say that was part of their strategy.  

"I figured it would be colder than the other stores, so a less likelihood of more people," said Warden Maggard.

"I figured at least if I was out here, then I wouldn't have to compete with all of the people trying to stay warm inside the mall," said Grubb.

Whether people were doorbusting in the cold, or inside they said it was all worth it.

"Oh yeah, absolutely, I mean you get 100 dollars off some things and sales on a lot of stuff so yeah, it is worth it," said Charlene Beaudry.

"Yes, because I know it is going to make someone very happy," said Grubb.

If you have yet to hit the stores to scope out the deals, most retail chains will remain open throughout the day on Friday.