Strong winds whipped through the Bozeman and Livingston areas on Friday, creating dangerous conditions. So bad that semi trucks became stranded.

The winds kicked up late Thursday night and didn't die down all day.

On Friday afternoon, road signs warned drivers of severe winds in between Bozeman and Livingston.

NBC Montana spoke to drivers at a truck stop who were waiting out the wind.

They explained it's important for all drivers to be careful in these conditions.

"High profile vehicles have a better chance of getting blown over by the wind," explained truck driver Timothy Clark, with Britton Trucking, LLC., who was carrying pop-up campers to Boise. "The winds will get up under the trailer or up under the pop-up campers and just knock this over."

"Just be careful out there," said truck driver James Bayless. "Don't hang around the big trucks when there's a lot of wind. I'd either be in front of them or behind them, but not on the side of them. If they get that cross wind, they're coming over."

According to the Montana Department of Transportation, conditions on Bozeman Pass were icy and snowy on Friday evening, but the winds have died down.