A group of independent and assisted living centers found a special way to share holiday memories this year.

The Springs Living has senior communities around the northwest, and this year they asked residents to share stories from Christmas past.

One video for everyday leading up to Christmas, an advent calendar of sorts, seniors sharing their favorite Christmas memories.....

Bess Muskett who lives at the Springs at Missoula tells a story of when she was 7-years-old, sick with tuberculosis.

“Not allowed to go to school, and not allowed to go outside the house,” she said.

On Christmas after Bess thought all gifts were gone, she found one more.

“Oh a puppy! My folks really must of loved me to get an untrained puppy in the middle of the winter,” she said.

Paul Marshall lives at the Springs at Whitefish. He remembers, and still has, his favorite Christmas gift.

“I got this little steam engine,” he said. “It's one of my prized possessions.”

He wanted an electric train he was fascinated by them, but spent Christmas on a farm in Missouri with his grandparents. They didn't have electricity. So the steam engine was just perfect.

Marshall also remembers chopping down a Christmas tree and making ornaments. “We used to cut out strips of paper, color them, and paste them together to make chains”

JoAnn McCorkle from the Springs at Missoula remembers homemade ornaments as well. Some her sister made.

“Cookies to hang on the Christmas tree,” she said.

The morning after decorating the tree, they found crumbs and couldn't figure out who ate the cookies, until…

“Later that night our cat came in, climbed the tree, walked out on the limb, swatted a cookie and enjoyed it,” McCorkle said.

The Springs hopes sharing all of the Christmas memories reminds people to share their own. Click here to watch all of the videos.