PABLO, Mont. -

Ken Caffrey has been involved with Lake County Search and Rescue for 33 years. His cousins, nephews, and close friends started the organization 40 years ago. Caffrey started by going on searches and slowly moved his way up to coordinator. The coordinator safely guides crews so they can rescue someone who is in danger.

Mavis Caffrey nominated her husband because she said Ken always puts a search first. He ventures out at all hours, day or night, to save someone's life. Caffrey told NBC Montana he's humbled to be a Local Hero, but said it's a group effort to get the job done.

"Putting families back together when they've got missing loved ones, bringing injured people out, get them to the hospital, getting them help. It's all very rewarding being able to help people in that way," said Caffrey.

"Around any search, he's right there," explained fellow SAR member Doug Lindon. "Everybody's going to him wondering what to do and where we should go."