Kalispell, Mont. -

The Salvation Army in Kalispell will be hosting its first annual City Bell Ringing Competition on Thursday.

The event will have the mayors of Whitefish and Kalispell, along with the city manager of Columbia Falls, and representatives of the Chambers of Commerce from Evergreen, Bigfork and Lakeside, all out ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.

But there's a twist to it -- they are competing against one another to see which municipality can raise the most money for the Salvation Army.

Today we visited with volunteer bell ringers Dylan Kasberg and Ron Trippet outside the Dollar Tree. They gave us tricks of their trade in how experienced bell ringers ring in the donations. Top of the list, interact with people, get the kids involved, and it helps if you know people by name.

"It all makes a difference for them, interacting with the kids, and its for a good cause. If it makes the moms smile, maybe they're having a bad day," said Trippet. "If their kid can be a little bit happier when they leave, maybe a little bit of a memory, it'll actually remind them of what the Salvation Army is."

City leaders will be competing Thursday at various grocery stores around the area.

-City of Kalispell (Mayor Tammi Fisher) Ringing @ Smiths Grocery (Kalispell)   9:50am-5:50pm
-City of Whitefish (Mayor John Muhlfeld) Ringing @ Super 1 Foods (Whitefish)   10am - 6pm
-City of Columbia Falls (City Manager Susan Nicosias) Ringing @ Smiths Grocery (Columbia Falls)  9:50am - 5:50pm
-Evergreen Chamber of Commerce (Chamber President BJ Lupton) Ringing @ Super 1 Foods (Evergreen)  10:10am - 6:10pm
-Bigfork Chamber of Commerce (Executive Director Bruce Solberg) Ringing @ Harvest Foods (Bigfork)  10am - 6pm
-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce (Chamber President David Fetveit) Ringing @ Blacktail Grocery (Lakeside)  10am - 6pm

The Salvation Army expects to have the numbers in by 8 p.m. to see who collected the most donations.