A group of 30 immigrants were sworn in as new U.S. citizens on Thursday at the federal courthouse in Missoula, including several people with a lot at stake in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ukrainian immigrant Tetyana Matveyeva says she is saddened and hurt by the crisis in her home country.

"My mom's there. I have a lot of friends there. I have a lot of relatives there,” said Matveyeva. “It's very sad and painful. I love my country. I pity my people, because I wish for them the best life."

She says she hopes her mother can one day join her in the U.S., and she’s hopeful about her own future in the states.

"I cannot believe it's happened… It was my dream, really my dream to see America, to live between mountains,” said Matveyeva. “A dream come true.”

Along with Matveyeva, the group of new citizens Thursday was represented by 19 different countries.

In the fiscal year of 2013, more than three quarters of a million immigrants were naturalized nationwide.