A couple of the Grizz Football players participated in a fashion show today.

Grizzly Peak retirement home had its third annual spring fashion show.

The ladies sported outfits put together by the staff at Coldwater Creek and Christopher and Banks in the mall.

The group of Grizz football players frequent the retirement home.

They usually just play games and participate in group activities.

But for their role today, the guys had to be ready for much more than a ho hum game of bridge.

"We kind of just helped them walk through, ya know, said defensive lineman, Trevor Rehm. "We tried to look as good as they did, but aaaahh, it is what it is ya know."

Rehm went above and beyond his duties of walking Margaret Grisham down the catwalk. She snuck a few kisses after the show.

"Ooooohhhh yes, I got a little kiss. We had a good time," Grisham tells the camera.

Although this was the third spring fashion show at Grizzly Peak, It was the first time the football players have gotten involved.