Rick Hook

I have been in Libby for a little longer than two years. I moved here from Missoula where I had been since 1974. I went to the UM until I had an insulin reaction while driving home and drove off the side of Miller Creek Rd. I got behind in school and never returned. While at U of M I took a broadcasting class as I always wanted to be an announcer. Here in Libby there isn?t much for me to do except talk about the weather. My boyfriend died of COPD in November 2010; you may have known him Steve DeMott. I miss Missoula and my friends.

I am disabled from having diabetes for almost 54 years; I may be the longest surviving man in western Montana. I got diabetes when I was 5 in Great Falls. My father worked for social security and every time he got a promotion we had to move to another town. So I have lived in Pocatello Id, Boise, Id, Greeley, Co, Boulder, Co and then Missoula where I decided to stay in the same place for a few years, I liked how friendly the people were in Montana and had work in Missoula from reloading ammunition for the Hunting Shack while it was in E Missoula. I bought some guns while there and went hunting, Antelope being my favorite to get.

Later I delivered flowers and gifts for Garden City Floral, a very enjoyable job that I got to meet Phyllis Washington and lots of others and all but the dead were glad to see me. I worked for a wholesale Heating parts supply and cooling place, getting to know the repairmen around Missoula. I worked for a bank for three years doing check exchange with the other banks in Missoula. I also ran errands did the mail, took warrants to the treasures office in the county courthouse. I then got work at a furniture building factory called Sirco. I was there for 13 years. I worked at Ultafem for the year they were in business; they built a Kotex replacement product. I have always had an interest in photography. Most of my pictures aren?t digital, but I have a nice digital camera. Adam Painter used a picture of Flower Creek that I took last week on his weather cast.

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