Former Governor Brian Schweitzer's team of supporters have already begun to lay out the ground work for "if "and "when," Schweitzer announces he will run for the U.S. Senate.

NBC Montana spent time at Monday nights,"Draft Brian Schweitzer for U.S. Senate" meeting in downtown Bozeman.

We were there as people gathered to show their support for Brian Schweitzer as a U.S. Senator.

Sean Whiting is the State Organizer of "Draft Brian Schweitzer for U.S. Senate."

Whiting stood before residents in Bozeman asking them to sign their names in support of Schweitzer. If Schweitzer does declare his position, he will run for the U.S. Senate. Whiting told NBC Montana they have some work to do.

"500 volunteers, 5,000 signatures and raise $50,000 -- so we can give it all to Brian when he does declare," said Whiting.

NBC Montana also caught up with House District 63 Representative, Franke Wilmer who told us Schweitzer has always had a broad appeal from both Republicans and Democrats. Wilmer told us she thinks Schweitzer would help Montana in the area of Energy Development.

"That's not a bad thing. I think it fits well with us, who we are and what matters most to our economy -- and our way of life," said Wilmer.

Ron Gompertz is the owner of Wild Joe's Coffee Spot where the event took place Monday night. Gompertz says he had prior experience working with Brian Schweitzer and hopes he will run for U.S. Senate.

"I had a business that was about alternative energy -- electrical vehicles and he was a strong advocate," said Gompertz.

State Organizer, Sean Whiting , told NBC Montana the organization currently has $32,000 in their account and says the money would be used to help the Schweitzer Campaign.

"Campaigns are not free. They run on volunteers, time and money. We're working to build a back bone to lay on," said Whiting.

Whiting says he and the organization talked to Schweitzer about the Campaign, but says they have not received official word on what he will do just yet.

Residents who spoke with us off camera say they did not always agree with how Schweitzer handled certain situations, while serving Montana as Governor. However, residents did point out during the preliminary meeting Monday night,  Schweitzer is a passionate man, who cares about Montana.