Travelers are coming from all directions to the July 4th gathering to celebrate peace and diversity.

Missoula's Salvation Army has seen a number of Rainbow followers come in for showers and other services. Poverello reports some have been coming for lunch.

Rainbow people do spur consumerism and capitalism. But a traveling band is paying its own way through contributions from music fans. The band is made up of two young women on their way to the temporary commune near Jackson, Montana. Missoula is a crossroads.

Many Rainbow people are traveling bare bones, with little money.

Sunflower and MacKenzie are working their way through Missoula to the Rainbow gathering, performing for gas money

"We're hoping that gratitude and love from random people will get us on the way," said Sunflower.

On Monday morning, the band had collected a handful of dollar bills, but hardly enough to fill up a tank.

"My dream," she said, is to "live in a little cottage on the edge of the forest with farm animals."

Ana Noell of Missoula stopped to listen to their music. The Traveling Band's tunes are infectious, and the little boy Ana was taking care of was tapping his feet. Ana has a connection to the young women. She might see herself back in the 1970s.

"I've actually been to a Rainbow Gathering when I was a young hippie," she said. That was back in 1978.

They celebrate world peace, said Ana, and diversity.