Some people in Missoula were happy to see the skies open Thursday, after all the dry weather and wildfires. However, the rain came with its impacts.

At “Downtown Tonight,” vendors were hoping for more customers, as the event got off to a relatively slow start.

“It's been definitely better on nice days,” said Ben Smith at MacKenzie River Pizza.

“It seems like when it rains, the numbers are a little bit lower, but there are people that love to come out regardless,” said Jason Herdon at the Double Front Café.

Across the river at Ogren Park, Osprey Executive Vice President Matt Ellis explained why organizers made the call to postpone Thursday’s game against Helena. The game will now be part of a double-header tomorrow. Ellis said that the rain created a slick infield, and a sopping wet outfield. Also, organizers didn’t want to have fans endure a large delay.

“We balance all the factors… We balance fan experience, fan safety, player safety, field conditions, what the weather’s going to be,” said Ellis.

Ellis says fans are able to trade in their tickets for other Sunday through Thursday games, or use them at the double-header.