President Engstrom Speaks With Students About Most Recent Alleged Sexual Assault


MISSOULA, Mont. - The University of Montana Student President called a forum for students today, regarding the most recent alleged sexual assault.

UM President Royce Engstrom spoke to students, hoping to clarify the alleged events from February 10th, involving a student who said she was sexually assaulted.

Engstrom also gave students the opportunity to ask some questions. Many wanted to know why the suspect got away, Engstrom said he's upset too.

?People are understandably angry that this perpetrator escaped. I'm angry that he escaped. But he didn't escape because the university sat on information about a sexual assault for a week. And he didn't escape because the university mishandled the cases,? said Engstrom.

Students also offered suggestions for what UM should do next. Geoff Donovan, from the UM Students Against Sexual Assault group, said he thinks working with UM administrators to get the no-tolerance word out would be helpful.

Engstrom said he?s impressed with the input from students and hopes they can continue to work to move forward. Engstrom, ASUM President Jen Gursky and Missoula Mayor John Engen, are holding a conference Wednesday, with the message: If you are a victim of sexual assault, call 9-1-1.

NBC Montana will keep you updated.

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