POLSON, Mont. -

Thirty-three year old Emilie Yellowowl of Polson is accused of stabbing her mother, Carol Mitchell, with a knife early Sunday morning at the Lakeview Village Apartments.

The property manager, David Murphy, tells NBC Montana he wasn't around Sunday morning when the incident happened but quickly learned about Yellowowls alleged altercation with Mitchell.

"She stabbed her mother in the back for whatever reason," said Murphy.

A neighbor, who also happens to be a nurse, heard a commotion in Yellowowl's apartment and called police.

"She didn't know the culture of what was going on next door. And she -- pretty brave in my book -- administered medical attention to the person and probably saved her life," Murphy explained.

Yellowowl made an initial appearance in Lake County Justice Court Tuesday. She's been charged with assault with a weapon and criminal endangerment. But this isn't Yellowowl's first brush with the law.

Court documents reveal she pleaded guilty to stabbing two other individuals with a kitchen knife multiple times in 2004. The court committed Yellowowl to the State Mental Hospital. She was released in 2008 to Mitchell, her mother.

David Murphy said Yellowowl and her son were quiet tenants outside of this isolated incident. Residents, he says, are shaken up so he's making strides to educate folks on getting to know their neighbors.

"Too many people are isolated in this world. They don't know what their neighbor is doing, don't know if they need help or not," Murphy said. "That's why we're going to take steps to overcome this."

Carol Mitchell was taken to St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, but it is unknown what her condition is at this time. Yellowowl has been released from custody and her next appearance in District Court has yet to be determined.