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New KRMC clinic to open in Lakeside


New KRMC clinic to open in Lakeside

KALISPELL, Mont. - In the small town of Lakeside, many of the residents do their shopping or run errands in Kalispell, about 15 miles to the north.

But now, folks who need to see a doctor will be able to stick closer to home, thanks to an expansion of the Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

"We have a new clinic that's opening in Lakeside on December 16th," said KRMC Vice President Jim Oliverson.

The facility will house an almost 4,000 square foot fitness center, plus a doctor's office with a full time physician where people can make regular appointments.

The community of Lakeside is excited about the new clinic because it will have a full-time physician and fitness center. They say it will be more convenient for them so they don't have to travel to Kalispell as often.

The Grateful Bread Cafe is one of the restaurants already in the center, and is excited for this facility to attract more people and create more business

"Fill up the building, you know, all the landscaping is done, get the signage out so people know that we're back here,"

Oliverson says KRMC tries to expand when they see the right opportunities.

"We are a regional referral center and 30% of our patients on any given day come from outside of our zip code. So we're always on the outlook to see if we can solidify those."

Oliverson says KRMC's goal is bring health services closer to the people of lakeside, so they can keep their health appointments instead of delaying them because of travel.

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