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Bozeman City Commission

Bozeman commissioners approve going to voters on police and courts facility

Bozeman city leaders voted Monday night on how to pay for a new municipal crime and courts facility- giving the green light to two measures that will now show…

John Walsh

Walsh: PTSD 'had nothing to do' with alleged plagiarism

Walsh brought PTSD up earlier this week as he talked about accusations that he plagiarized in his war college thesis. Now, the senator's distancing himself…


Veterans speak out on Walsh's PTSD statements

Veterans around Montana have mixed reactions to Sen. John Walsh's previous statement that PTSD may have been a potential factor in a situation some call…


Fact Checker: Daines ad attacks Walsh for Obamacare support

We're doing some political fact checking tonight, as NBC Montana digs into a campaign ad from Representative Steve Daines attacking Senator John Walsh's…

NBC Montana Decision 2014 Election

CAMPAIGN WATCH: This week in the race to November

The Fourth of July in an election year sees candidates pressing the flesh at parades and other holiday events.


GOP conservatives seek closed primary elections

Montana Republicans will consider a proposal to close future primary elections to non-party members during a three-day convention that begins Thursday in…

NBC Montana Decision 2014 Election

Campaign Watch: This week in the race to November

Here is a look at the week's most interesting and important developments in Montana's election campaigns.

Steve Daines and John Walsh

Daines ahead of Walsh in newly released political polls

Newly released polls show Steve Daines leading John Walsh by double digits in the U.S. Senate race.

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U.S. Senate Candidates

Dirk Adams 5-21-14 (1)

Dirk Adams

Dirk Adams is discussing his run for Senate.


John Bohlinger

Former Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger is discusses running as a Democrat for his run for senate.

steve heidi 5-13-14

Rep. Steve Daines

Congressman Daines and NBC Montana's Heidi Meili talk about top issues from the keystone pipeline, to public land use.

Champ Edmunds 4-28-14 (1)

Champ Edmunds

State Representative Champ Edmunds is discussing his run for Senate.

(img1)Sen. John Walsh 5-2-14

Sen. John Walsh

Walsh is running for the U.S. Senate in 2014 to succeed retiring Democratic incumbent Max Baucus.

U.S. House Candidates

Elsie Arntzen

Elsie Arntzen

Elsie Arntzen is discussing her decision to run for the U.S. House of Representatives.


John Driscoll

John Driscoll is discusses his run for the U.S. House.

John Lewis 5-22-14 (1)

John Lewis

John Lewis is discussing his run for U.S. House.

Matt Rosendale 5-15-14 (1)

Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale is discussing his run as a Republican for U.S. House.

Corey Stapleton 5-28-14 (1)

Corey Stapleton

Corey Stapleton is discussing his run for U.S. House of Representatives.

Drew Turiano

Drew Turiano

Turiano is a 2014 Republican candidate seeking election to the U.S. House.


Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke is discusses his run for the U.S. House as a Republican.