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  • US Capitol from the front

    Trade bill clears Senate hurdle

    A free trade initiative that is pitting President Barack Obama against his own party cleared a major procedural hurdle in the Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday.


Jeb Bush massage use

Jeb Bush massages woman on campaign trail

Like brother, like brother. Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush massages a New Hampshire official during a campaign stop.

Chinese and US face off in South China Sea

Chinese military confronts US spy plane

The military says Beijing is building manmade islands that could serve as launching points for sea battles against the U.S. and its allies.

Michelle Obama

First lady shows off her routine in workout video

After being challenged by President Barack Obama on Twitter, first lady Michelle Obama demonstrates her top five workout moves.

Biden at Yale

Vice President: Create real relationships

Vice President Joe Biden told Yale University graduates in Connecticut on Sunday not to use the word network as a verb and instead put people first.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez criticized for putting hand over mouth in whooping gesture

Congresswoman criticized for gesture referring to Native Americans

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat who has represented California in Congress since 1997, dodged questions regarding a whooping gesture she made while referring to a Native American. When asked about the gesture, she instead talked about some Democrats trying to pressure her not to run.

Howard Dean Scream 2

Howard Dean re-enacts infamous scream

It's the Dean Scream 2 in New Jersey!

National Headlines

Google maps

Google fixes n-word Maps problem for most users

Google has fixed an issue with its Google Maps search function, which previously led people to The White House if they searched for variations of the n-word with the word house.

A Twitter user first discovered the problem Tuesday afternoon.

On Thursday...


Gyrocopter pilot pleads not guilty

The man who piloted a gyrocopter onto the Capitol grounds last month to protest big money in politics has trumpeted his move, but on Thursday he pleaded not guilty to six federal charges against him.

Jeb Bush massage use

Jeb Bush gives New Hampshire woman massage

Salem New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce President Donna Morris was in for some unexpected caressing from likely Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush during Thursday afternoon's meet and greet.

Hillary Clinton file

About 1,200 Clinton emails deemed 'personal'

More than 1,200 emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned over to the State Department are personal and not part of the federal record, the government's chief records officer ruled.