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  • Hillary is thinking about it

    Hillary Clinton in Iowa: Fresh start or deja vu?

    "It's been seven years, and a lot has changed," Hillary Clinton said Sunday in her first visit to Iowa since the state dealt her presidential campaign a devastating body blow.


Hillary is thinking about it

Hillary: 'I am thinking about it'

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells a politically charged Iowa crowd that she is "thinking about" running for president.

Matthew Todd Miller sentenced

American sentenced to hard labor in North Korea

American citizen Matthew Todd Miller has been convicted of committing "acts hostile" to North Korea and sentenced to six years of hard labor, North Korean state-run media reported Sunday.

David Cameron on ISIS

Cameron on ISIS: 'They are monsters'

British Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement about ISIS after the terror group released a video apparently showing the beheading of British aid worker David Haines.

Airstrikes against ISIS

Americans want airstrikes, but not war

The group calling itself the Islamic State has come front and center in the American consciousness very rapidly. Several polls show a majority of Americans want airstrikes against the group, but are more wary of putting boots on the ground.

The word is war

White House: We are at war with ISIS

Obama administration officials are now openly calling the fight against ISIS a war.

Scottish whiskey

Scottish vote could impact whiskey business

Whiskey is Scotland's second biggest export. While some business owners say an independent Scotland could raise the profile of smaller whiskey makers, others warn independence could create trade barriers.

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Obama getting on Air Force One

Obama hits road to deal with global crises

Two unconnected overseas emergencies -- the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria -- are prompting President Barack Obama to embark on a two-day U.S. road trip.

ISIS militants and tank

Who is part of the coalition to battle ISIS?

In his speech about ISIS last week, President Barack Obama said, "American military power is unmatched, but this can't be America's fight alone."

Allies and partners of the United States, Obama vowed, would provide support to degrade and eventually de...

Republican, Democrat, political buttons

Study finds politics stinks -- literally

If you and your significant other share political views, it could be because you like each other's smell.

Sen Kristin Gillibrand

Gillibrand drops F-bomb in webcast

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said Monday she had to hold her tongue when a male labor leader made comments about her post-pregnancy weight shortly after she began her career in Congress.