BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Police are investigating two separate reports of suspicious men approaching children, Thursday.

Bozeman Police tell us a 9-year-old boy was riding his bike around 4:15p at the intersection of South Willson and West College when a man in an older model white sedan pulled up and said, "Hey kid...come you want to go with me?"

A school resource officer says the man never got out of his car or tried to grab the child but the boy, feeling uncomfortable, went straight home and told his mom.

"These types of things do occur in this community and this boy knew exactly what to do in an uncomfortable situation that he felt probably could have turned dangerous," says School Resource Officer Hal Richardson.

We spoke to a school resource officer to get the details of the incident and asked if it's at all connected to two incidents earlier this year.

He tells us they are not aware of any connection at this time.

Police say they're often in the area of College and Willson in the morning, when kids are heading to school, and in the afternoon.

They also ask that anyone with any information about this incident call the Bozeman Police department at 582-2000.

The second incident was reported in Belgrade. Police there say a man approached the playground at Heck-Quaw Elementary, called a child over to the fence and offered him candy.

Belgrade Police say a playground aid saw the whole thing and the called the kid back.

The man in Bozeman is described as white with short dark hair, between 40 and 50 years old. The man in Belgrade matches a similar description but slightly younger- between 30 and 35 years old- and average build and height.

Belgrade Police say they're exchanging information with Bozeman Police and do not yet know if the two incidents are related.

Police are not calling either incident an attempted abduction, but they do want the public to be aware.

They emphasized this is a good reminder to parents to teach their kids about "stranger danger" and the importance of knowing what to do if they're ever in a similar situation.