BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Basketballs pounded the pavement in downtown Bozeman, Saturday, with the kick off of Pro-fitness of Montana's 3-on-3 Shootout.

It's the fourth year of the basketball tournament.

Kids in kindergarten through twelfth grade hit the courts in the two day event. Sunday, adult teams will compete on Main Street.

We spoke to coordinators who tell us three on three basketball is a quicker game that helps kids who play become even better.

"Hopefully, it transcends over into when they're playing middle school and high school that they get that understanding that we have to play together as a unit and we have to attack the basket if we want to score or win a game," says founder Dale Dawkins.

Dawkins tells us he doesn't believe kids should have to pay to play sports. That's why he hopes to use a portion of the proceeds from the tournament to help kids play.

He tells us next year the tournament will be in its fifth year and hopes that means folks in the Bozeman community will know the event is here to stay.