Pickup believed used in ATM thefts found at dealership it was apparently stolen from


POSTED: 6:22 PM Nov 12 2013   UPDATED: 6:56 PM Nov 12 2013
Police seek leads on suspect in ATM break-ins

The pickup truck believed to be used in two Missoula ATM thefts last week has been found at the car dealership it was apparently stolen from.

It was a 2004 3/4-ton Ford pickup.

The ATM doors were ripped off two ATMs and cash stolen in what police called a sophisticated theft.

Investigators said the suspect or suspects may have specifically designed a plan to steal money from two machine using a heavy chain, a hook and the pickup.

"The driver's side door was tampered with," said Detective Sgt. Travis Welsh from the Missoula Police Department, "and the steering column, and they also were able to recover evidence from the interior of the vehicle that connected to the ATM thefts."

Police haven't made any arrests in the case.

An ATM camera caught images of the suspect but his face was partially covered.