BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Pete's Hill is a popular spot for recreating in Bozeman. It is a trail where dogs do not have to be leashed. An estimated 100,000 people visit each year and about 50,000 dogs.

We took a closer look at why some people are concerned about man's best friend ruining the beauty of Burke Park.

Mary Vant Hull has lived in Bozeman for 51 years and described the smaller dirt trails that run parallel to the actual trails.

"Well, they start with just a little beaten down grass. Pretty soon it is bare earth," said Vant Hull.

She said people have worked hard to make sure the community can enjoy the main trail.

"We spent a lot of time and volunteer effort. We collected a lot of money from a lot of people to make weathered trails," said Vant Hull.

We found it is those taking the road less traveled that officials say is having an impact.

We walked along some of the trails with Gary Vodehnal of the Gallatin Valley Land Trust.

"We found 99.9 percent of people and bicyclists stayed on the trail. It was the dogs that were the culprits," said Vodehnal.

Vodehnal says the dogs forge their own paths and create several side trails. As a result he says this can have a negative impact on the environment. We also discussed how they are trying to keep every animal and everyone on the right path. He tells me it is not an easy task.

"Dogs do not read signs. We have tried blocking the dog trails and it just has not been effective," said Vodehnal.

While we were on the trails we caught up with people to see how they felt about dogs wandering off the main path.

"I don't know how you would actually make your dog stay on the trail if they are not on a leash," said Shelley Williams.

"I would have mixed feelings about that. Pete's Hill is a great place for dogs to just be able to have the time to do what dogs do which is run around," said Kristina Allison.

Meanwhile Vant Hull told us she will continue to enjoy the park and says she wants to see it last for years to come.

"To have wildflowers in such profusion five blocks from main street is a treasure," said Vant Hull.