A lot of Danielle Gjetmundsen’s day is spent inside, at a desk. She’s an office manager at the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office. She deals with hours of facts and figures.

But when lunch break hits, she’s out, often taking to the trails to train for the Missoula Marathon.

“I find that it actually gives me more energy for the afternoon,” said Gjetmundsen. “I started with the first Missoula Marathon and I had never run a marathon before.”

Often she’ll run with her good friend Tammy Mocabee.

 “I started running, actually, for physical fitness to try to get in shape and then I started meeting more and more friends,” said Mocabee.

 The two ran in the first Missoula Marathon back in 2007. It wasn’t easy.

“It’s totally been worth continuing on,” said Mocabee.

The pair’s done twelve marathons together, including runs in Idaho and Washington, but Missoula’s still their favorite.

“It’s the hometown, the friends, and family you see on the course cheering and volunteering,” said Gjetmundsen.

The two are keeping each other motivated as they train for the Missoula Marathon in July. This week’s rain didn’t keep them off the trails, as the pair tells NBC Montana they’ve trained through ice and snow.

They’ll keep training, even if it means taking a break from the office.