Orb wins Kentucky Derby, leaves many Montana gamblers in the dust


POSTED: 7:10 PM May 04 2013

The Kentucky derby drew a large crowed at Katie Okeefe's casino in Missoula today.

The race began at four p m, but bets were placed long before race time.

Frac daddy, the horse belonging to a Montana owner, was a favorite amongst many of the folks we spoke with.

That horse did not show in the top four.

Orb was the final winner. We spoke with one man who guessed second place right, just on a whim.

"At the very end i looked at the four and i said, 'wow, how's he sittin' here at that price?' he was 50-1 morning line. So i boxed him with that favorite, and there he was."

Golden soul made him a lucky man. He won 900 dollars today on that last minute bet.