AAA is doing what it can to help folks avoid crashes, and tickets, with a program the company's sponsoring in Missoula called “Operation Tipsy Tow.”

The holiday season can be a particularly dangerous time for motorists because more people are out celebrating, and some choose to drive drunk.

So AAA is offering a free and confidential ride home and vehicle tow of up to ten miles to holiday revelers inside Missoula city limits from now to January 2.

"During the holiday season there's a lot of people who are out celebrating and might not be used to being out and celebrating and so we just want them to know that there's a way for them to get home safely that they don't have to take the risk of driving after they've been drinking," said AAA spokesperson Kaelyn Kelly.

To get a free ride and a tow, you can call 1-(800)-AAA-HELP