TROY, Mont. -

A slice of history in an ever-changing world, McCormick School graduated five 8th grade students Friday afternoon. It's the largest graduating class the one-room schoolhouse in Troy has seen in nearly two decades.

"When we have five kids graduating we're talking one-fifth of our school is leaving," explained Shelly Hoisington.

Hoisington has taught most of the students since they were young.

"Here they were, just little tykes learning their ABCs and I've seen them progress," Hoisington said. "I've seen their struggles, we've worked through their struggles and here they are now succeeding. I'm very excited to see that."

The graduates tell NBC Montana that McCormick is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They're proud of their education and how it has molded them into the people they are today.

"You get  to learn what you've missed in the past. You get more attention and you learn more," said Karla Horton.

"When you're interacting with grades older and younger on an everyday basis it helps broaden your mind and open up ideas that you wouldn't normally think of," said Elijah Price. "It changes the way you act."

There aren't many one-room schoolhouses left in the US - times have changed and so did schools. But it didn't in Troy, and that made all the difference for these students.

"They all work very hard. They know what education means to them," Hoisington said proudly. "They appreciate the education they receive here and they all have worked diligently to get where they are."

McCormick School has been educating students since 1909.