Monday evening NBC Montana spoke with one Oklahoma resident, Jacqui Wasson, who lives just a few miles outside of Oklahoma City in Mustang. 

She tells us her brother pulled her 12-year-old nephew from school a few hours before the storm hit but her mother-in-law and other relatives lost their homes in the tornado.

Wasson tells us the tornado was much more brutal than the one she experienced in May of 1999 but she's proud of her neighbors who've turned out to help.

"As soon as it passed people were out trying to help people - we all band together to do what we can do and that's what I think makes Oklahoma such a great state,” said Wasson.  “Even though we have this devastation that comes through here a lot we work so hard together to make sure people are safe and get people the help they need.”

NBC Montana got in touch with Jacqui Wasson after her sister, Missoula resident Jennifer Wasson, contacted us through Facebook.

Monday afternoon we met with her to get the background on how she found her relatives after the tornado hit.

Jennifer Wasson tells us calling her relatives was a no-go but texting and Facebook posts proved successful.

"My brother actually sent out a Facebook post that said ‘please can somebody help find us a place to stay we can't get to our home,’” said Wasson.

She tells us that short post was how she found out her family in tornado alley was in harm’s way.

"They called Jake and I said ‘well text him, you can text him but you can't call him,’" she said. 

Wasson tells NBC Montana her thoughts went immediately to her sister, brother and 12-year-old nephew who live in both Moore and Mustang, just a few miles from Oklahoma City.

Wasson says when patchy phone service didn't work, her relatives urged her to text.

“They both said to text,” said Wasson.  “My sister was fairly easy to get a hold of.  She was at a road block when I called her she said ‘I can't get through, I can't get to my mom's, my mom is stranded and my parents have no clothes.  They have nothing.’”

Raised in Oklahoma, Wasson says her family is always on standby for a tornado; however she told NBC Montana it can be stressful making contact after an event like today.

Wasson’s advice to folks in Montana - text your relatives in tornado alley, don’t call.

Jennifer Wasson isn't the only one searching for lost relatives who have been affected by the tornado due to downed and jammed phone lines.

The American Red Cross has set up a website to people find and account for lost relatives, to check it out click here.