NY trial to examine reclusive copper heiress' will


POSTED: 9:20 AM Sep 15 2013

The reclusive life and immense fortune of a woman whose father founded Las Vegas is set to be scrutinized in a New York City courtroom.
Jury selection is due to start Tuesday in a civil trial over Huguette (oo-GET') Clark's will. She died at 104 in 2011.
Clark owned luxurious properties in New York, California and Connecticut. But she chose to spend her last 20 years in a Manhattan hospital.
The disputed April 2005 will left her estimated $300 million estate largely to arts charities, her nurse and a goddaughter.
Her relatives got nothing. They'd been the main beneficiaries of a will signed just six weeks earlier.
Clark's father made money from Montana copper mines, a Utah-to-California railroad and sales of land around a whistle stop dubbed Las Vegas.