A magistrate judge says there's enough evidence for an Idaho man to stand trial on a 2nd-degree murder charge over an 18-year-old's drowning death.
Magistrate Robert Burton bound Dylan P. Paschall over to district court Thursday after a hearing detailing the March 24, 2012 death of Luke Anana-Kuewa.
Prosecutors say Paschall and friends were drinking on the shore of Mill Pond when they were joined by Anana-Kuewa. Prosecutors say the group became annoyed when Anana-Kuewa began acting erratically and that Paschall punched him multiple times. Anana-Kuewa's body was later found in 3 feet of water.
Public defender Brad Chapman says Paschall pulled Anana-Kuewa from the water but the teen kept going back in, and that he was alive when Paschall left that night.