NORRIS, Mont. -

A construction project causing delays west of Bozeman is almost complete. We decided to look into the work being done on Norris Road after a viewer alerted us to the long delays.

It starts at Norris and stretches 12 miles east along the Madison river.

Since Monday morning anyone traveling from Norris toward Bozeman has witnessed traffic crawling, even coming to a complete stop at some points.

"We have only been waiting here for about 10 minutes, so we will see how long it lasts. I am not sure how long it is going to be," said Danny Neumaier.

Neumaier is only one in a long line of cars waiting to travel the 12-mile stretch. However the wait did not seem to bother him.

We found he made good use of his time, blowing up an inner tube while traffic was stopped.

"Right now its kind of hindering our tubing experience, but other than that it will be great in the end," said Neumaier.

We headed to the construction site to see what drivers were experiencing -- we even timed out the drive from start to finish.

It took a little more than 25 minutes to get through the construction, with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour.

Back at Norris, Sierra Panagakis works at a gas station. She explained first hand what she's seen from this project.

"I saw them come down, and I did not see them stop coming for 50 cars or so," said Panagakis.

There is good news for people who have had to drive through this construction. We have learned from the project director the road should be clear sometime Tuesday evening.